• Preventing Child Marriage in Uganda

    Achen*, 14, would be married by now had her mother not spoken up against her relatives demands, and kept her daughter in school.

  • COVID-19: A Child Struggles in Vietnam

    Linh’s family is among the poorest in Dong Duc village in Vietnam. The COVID-19 crisis has only made it worse.

  • Update on Tigray conflict in northern Ethiopia

    Fighting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region has left over 2.3 million children in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, according to UNICEF.

  • The Power of Children as Change Makers

    Every child deserves to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. At SOS Children’s Villages, we educate children about their rights and encourage them to advocate for themselves and others.

  • Advocating for Children's Rights in Palestine

    Maya is a 17-year-old girl representing the children of Bethlehem governorate as the president of the Palestinian Children Council.

  • Lebanese Youth Powering Environmental Change

    The Go Green initiative is part of the Youth Power program at SOS Children's Villages Lebanon, supporting young changemakers in realizing innovative ideas that contribute to the sustainable development of their community.

  • Typhoon Molave Hits SOS Vietnam

    Heavy rains, catastrophic floods and landslides have affected more than a million people in Vietnam this month.

  • Confronting Domestic Violence in Latin America

    More than half of the children in Latin America experience domestic violence each year. In the world’s most violent region, emotional support is key to break the cycle of abuse.

  • A Young Refugee Gets a Chance to Excel

     "Living as a refugee can be very frustrating and stressful since you are never sure about your life and your future since other people are deciding for you."

  • Self-Help Groups Empowering Indian Women

    Women living in poverty, with low levels of education and without a livelihood are often denied opportunities to be heard and empowered.


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