• Norah taking care of a mother at her medical centre.

    COVID-19: Providing Health Care to Mothers in Kenya

    Norah, a registered nurse, provides vulnerable mothers in the SOS Family Strengthening Program with quality maternal health care.

  • An SOS child looking sombre.

    COVID-19: Hidden Victims

    “Children are becoming the hidden victims of this pandemic, and it will have short- and long-term repercussions that will affect their health, well-being, development and future prospects”

  • Nelly Akobia speaking during a presentation.

    Experts Warn of Increased Abuse During Crisis

    Nelly Akebia speaks of the difficulties at-risk families in the nation of Georgia are facing, with focus on the risks of violence. 

  • Nduku skipping rope.

    Being Kids Again

    A large number of children in Kenya are living in child-headed households. Government statistics from 2016 put the number in the tens of thousands.

  • Assanatou and her daughters.

    Surviving Single Motherhood in Cameroon

    “Coming back to square one after losing a husband, with no one to support you or the children, is tough.”

  • Ana* smiles for the camera

    COVID-19: Life During Lockdown

    Ana*, who is part of our SOS Family Strengthening Program share’s how her life has been impacted and how her family survives through COVID-19.

  • Lati* studying.

    COVID-19: Children Keeping Busy at SOS Ethiopia

    Children at SOS Children’s Villages in Ethiopia share how they are coping with COVID-19 and keeping busy while schools are closed.

  • Amanda and her Family

    COVID-19: Family Life Upended in Peru

    The spread of COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable families in many different ways, including the loss of livelihoods, food insecurity and disruptions to schooling.

  • A child puts a protective mask on her toy.

    COVID-19: Joining Forces to Protect Vulnerable Children

    Read the open letter to leaders that outlines recommendations and measures needed to better protect children.

  • SOS mothers Salam and Chandra at the Helmut Kutin awards.

    SOS Mothers Honoured for Courage and Commitment

    Imagine raising children in a war zone and being forced to evacuate your home, not once but twice. Imagine raising 35 children over a span of 40 years.


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