• Javier on the stairs at school.

    Overcoming Youth Employment Challenges

    More than a decade after the global financial crisis sent youth unemployment rates soaring to an all-time high, a generation of young people continue to look to a future filled with uncertainty.

  • Fayo and a friend posing for a selfie.

    Celebrating and Empowering Women in Ethiopia

    Women are suffering the brunt of Africa’s growing youth unemployment challenge. SOS is stepping up to change that.

  • A visitor is screened for coronavirus at an SOS Children's Village.

    Taking Precautions: SOS China Protecting Against Coronavirus

    As the coronavirus spreads, SOS CV China has taken strict measures to keep children and staff safe at the 10 villages across the country.

  • Maria* smiling.

    Youth Chart Career Path With Help From Transat

    SOS and Transat team up to provide employment support and career counselling to vulnerable youth in Mexico.

  • Rabia and Senito with their SOS mother.

    The Meaning of Love

    Rabia is the eldest amongst her SOS siblings, so she feels very responsible for her brothers and sisters. She says living with her SOS family has made her understand the true meaning of love.

  • Secundino standing in front of his home.

    Becoming a Family Man

    Single father Secundino from El Alto, Bolivia, struggled to care for his six children after the death of his wife.

  • Awini, Christie* and the family spending time together

    Family Strengthening Programs Change Fortunes in Ghana

    The Awini family is among 250 households identified by the FSP team who will benefit from SOS’s support over the next five years.

  • Sumitra smiling in her small business.

    Running a Family Business in Nepal

    These are happy times in the Khatri household. Four years ago, the situation was very different.

  • Nesrine prepares to perform on The Voice Kids.

    Young Talent Shines on The Voice Kids

    Nesrine, an SOS child from Tunisia, made her mark on The Voice Kids on MBC1, prompting all 3 judges to turn their chairs and propel her to the next round of the popular tv show.

  • SOS children wear protective masks as they evacuate.

    Ongoing Situation in the Philippines

    SOS Children's Village in the Philippines evacuated due to threat of volcanic eruption.


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