Amanda Martinez is a Canadian singer-songwriter and mother of three. Earlier this year, she travelled to Namibia to experience what life was like as an SOS mother.

Follow Amanda’s personal journey as a mother to orphaned and abandoned children here:
  • Mon / May 11 / 2015

    From the SOS home to mine

    Amanda Martinez having breakfast with her children

    The SOS home ran so smoothly with eight children! I am trying to introduce some of the methods Elizabeth, the SOS mother in Namibia, used in her home to help mine run just as smoothly!  

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  • Sun / May 10 / 2015

    We aren’t so different you and I

    Amanda Martinez with SOS children

    Although I was halfway around the world, there were a lot of similarities between the SOS home and my own in Toronto. Raising children is universal.

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  • Sat / May 09 / 2015

    Maple Syrup and Ice Cream

    Amanda Martinez cooking a Canadian dinner for the children

    On my last night at the Village I decided to cook the SOS family a Canadian meal and dessert. But, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

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  • Fri / May 08 / 2015

    The rhythm of the day

    Amanda putting the children to bed

    Daily activities are determined by the environment we live in. In Namibia, I noticed how the hot climate affected the family’s routine.

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  • Thu / May 07 / 2015

    Under African Skies

    Amanda Martinez playing guitar with SOS children

    My time in Namibia was such unique experience that I will never forget. I found myself inspired by the SOS children and wrote a song for them.

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  • Tue / May 05 / 2015

    Cultural Differences in Namibia

    Amanda Martinez eating dinner with children

    When travelling to a new country, cultural differences are inevitable. But, there were a few things I was not prepared for! 

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  • Mon / May 04 / 2015

    Herding Cattle

    Aaron herding the cows

    With a film crew documenting my experience, there is bound to be a few bloopers – especially when there’s a herd of cows roaming around.

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  • Fri / May 01 / 2015

    A Communal Family

    A communal family

    At the SOS Village, families work together. The children play together, they share toys, and the SOS moms look after each other’s children.

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