Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an SOS Family Friend

What is the SOS Family Friend?

The SOS Family Friend is an affordable way for donors to give a monthly donation to SOS Children's Villages that will help increase the number of orphaned and abandoned children we can provide with homes.

Our goal is long-term support for the orphaned and abandoned children in our care.  By making regular, committed gifts you enable SOS Children's Villages to estimate donations and maximize the number of orphaned children we can provide with a home, a family, and an opportunity to develop towards independent living. All these objectives revolve around providing the consistancy in care that children need, and SOS Family Friend donations are a great way of achieving this goal.

How long does the SOS Family Friend last?

Your special status as an SOS Family Friend lasts as long as you want it to. Although it is our aim to establish a long-term relationship between village and donor, you are always able to terminate donations for whatever reason, whenever you want, without giving notice.

You can change or cancel your SOS Family Friend by using the contact us link, or by telephone at 1-800-767-5111.

How do I change my personal details?

You can change your contact information by using the 'update contact information' form. If you need to update your banking or credit card information, please use our SOS Family Friend form and make a note in the preferences field that you are updating your banking or credit card information.

Can I get a tax receipt for my SOS Family Friend donations?

Yes, we provide Canadian tax receipts once a year for your personal tax purposes. If you are a resident of the USA or the United Kingdom, you can donate to your local SOS Children's Villages and receive the tax treatment of your country of residence.

USA - SOS Children's Villages

UK - SOS Children's Villages

Will I get pictures of my child?

You will get pictures of the Village of your choice (Rutana, Burundi; Greenfields, India; Choluteca, Honduras) and the children and families living in the Village. However, your gifts are not tied to an individual home, family or Village.

If you wish to direct your donations towards an individual child, the best way to make that individual connection is by sponsoring a child.

Where are the Villages for SOS Family Friends?

We currently have 3 Villages participating in the SOS Family Friend monthly donation program.  

SOS Children's Village in Burundi, Africa
SOS Children's Village in India, Asia, and
SOS Children's Village in Honduras, Latin America