• COVID-19: Interview with an SOS Mother

    "All of us SOS mothers have the same goal, we are going in the same direction, which is to help these children, adolescents and young people to succeed in life, to be good people and to continue studying."

  • Explosion in Equatorial Guinea

    A series of explosions on Sunday, March 7, in Equatorial Guinea have killed 98 people and injured more than 620, according to official sources.

  • Freedom to Focus on the Future

    Without the worry of her family’s well-being on her mind, Abena, 17, can now concentrate on her studies to fulfil her dream to be a nurse.

  • Doctor in high-danger ebola treatment centre

    Guinea Declares Ebola Outbreak

    Guinea officially declared that it is dealing with an Ebola outbreak. This new outbreak is in roughly the same area where a similar epidemic began in December 2013.

  • Designing a New Life

    Aaden*, 23, of Somaliland stands out as a shining example of how a new skill can be the difference between poverty and prosperity.

  • Q&A with SOS Brazil

    Hospitals in the Brazilian state of Amazonas are overwhelmed. Michele Mansor, program director at SOS Children’s Villages Brazil, says the situation in the region is critical for the most vulnerable.

  • Resilience Against Crisis in Peru

    The rights of children to education and a healthy meal are under threat in the remote village of Nueva Ciudad Inca in Peru.

  • Joining Forces: Children's Right to be Heard

    Children have the right to participate in decisions affecting their lives but often face obstacles in having their voices heard and getting involved in meaningful ways. The Joining Forces initiative aims to change that.

  • SOS Success Story: Benjamin

    Benjamin was seven years old when his mother fell seriously ill. For many children like Benjamin, this can lead to a life on the streets. SOS was there to step in.

  • Securing the Right to Education

    Sanyu* is clever and ambitious. Despite a two-year absence from school due to a lack of money, she is now among the five best performing pupils in her grade four class.


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