SOS Children's Village Pskov

Sponsored girl in SOS Village in Russia

Sponsor a Child in Pskov, Russia
in Pskov, Russia

Pskov, originally spelled "Pleskov", which loosely translates into "town of purling waters", is located at the confluence of the rivers Pskova and Velikaya in north-western Russia, close to the Estonian border. It is an ancient city and its earliest mention dates back to 903 AD. Much of its medieval walls can still be seen today. According to statistics, the number of children left without parental care increases steadily, which is mainly due to socio-economic, psychological and health-related problems among parents. In order to meet the needs of these children, local authorities supported the construction of an SOS Children's Village in Pskov. A suitable plot of land was made available in Zaveliche, an area offering schools, kindergartens, a clinic and shopping facilities within walking distance.

SOS Children's Village Pskov comprises ten family houses, a house for the village director and an administration building. Up to 65 children find a loving new home in the ten SOS families. An SOS Social Centre has been offering its services since 2008, which include family strengthening, counselling and psychological support. The programme provides access to essential services for children's development (eg. clothing, nutritional and health support, social skills) and support for families, particularly single mothers, to protect and care for their children.