What does the husband of an SOS mother do?

17/11/2011 - When Jörg Timke married his Anja, he became the father of five children - his wife is an SOS mother in Lütjenburg in Germany (November 2001).
An early start

At 4:30 Jörg Timke's alarm clock goes off. Within half an hour he is on his way to his work in Lübeck. It is an hour away, but it is worth it. He enjoys his job as an industrial mechanic for a large company and it offers him flexibility in his hours. Thanks to the early start, he can often be back with his wife Anja and his kids in the afternoon.

His kids are two sets of twins who have been living with an SOS family in Lütjenburg in the North of Germany with his wife Anja for the past seven years. Their eldest sister Ruth, who is 21, moved out some time ago. The eldest twins, who are 18, are also taking their first steps towards standing on their own two feet. Two years ago nine year old Luca joined the family. And then there is Ole Jerk, a two-year old whirlwind, bouncing around the house. He is Jörg and Anja's biological son und "perhaps the only child with six brothers and sisters," as Jörg puts it.

Is it challenging for him to live under one roof with children placed in their care along with his biological son? "No, you become a father as soon as children start calling you dad."

Why should I mind?

When Anja and Jörg met, the mother of five pondered how to tell him about her work. "I mind children" and "I live with them" were her first careful hints. "Oh, like in an SOS Children's Village?" was Jörg's response. He was familiar with the work as somebody in his family had worked for the organisation in India. What he had not realised is that there are SOS families in Lütjenburg.

Anja and Jörg carefully started to prepare the children for the fact that there was now a man in mama's life. Once Jörg started visiting them in their house, it did not take long before he was practically "part of the furniture." Finally someone to play football and watch matches with. A year later, Jörg became Anja's husband following a bubbling wedding at the SOS Children's Village. Ole Jerk was born in September 2008.

Do I shop and cook? Of course I do!

Of course Jörg does many runs to the shops. With a family of six, one has to! He also enjoys cooking, although some of his dishes are "a little too experimental", Anja adds with a smile. He also takes Sandra to her football practice, and goes to collect Stefan from the station. In order for this to run smoothly with their insurance company, Jörg is employed by SOS Children's Villages for a limited number of hours a week.

Jörg soon became known as somewhat of a handyman among the SOS families. When a heavy cupboard needs moving in a neighbour's house, or when there is snow to be shovelled in the mornings, they know who to call on. He simply belongs to the larger community. In his laid-back manner he states „and it's alright!"


Article by SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.