Video blog

  • Another Mother – the extended version

    What happens when you take a Canadian mother to Namibia... where she has to be a mother to a family of orphaned and abandoned children? SOS Children's Villages sent singer, songwriter and mom Amanda Martinez to find out! This extended version features five minutes of additional content.

  • Amanda talks to SOS mother Elizabeth

    Elizabeth is the mother of the SOS family Amanda lived with while in Namibia. Amanda went for a walk with Elizabeth and asked how she became an SOS mother, what her life is like raising eight kids and how she handles the day-to-day stress.

  • Amanda reflects on SOS mothers

    Amanda Martinez reflects on the work SOS mothers do, and why she feels it’s so valuable. To find out more about SOS mothers, visit our webpage

  • Amanda vs. Washing Machine

    An extended version of Amanda’s battle of wits with her SOS family’s washing machine. It isn’t pretty.

  • Motherhood – An SOS Thailand Video

    SOS Children’s Villages Thailand made this video about Khun Krongtip, an SOS mother who has raised over 34 children over 20 years at the SOS Children’s Village in Bangpoo, Thailand. Warning: have some tissues ready. (with English subtitles)