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We believe that no child should grow up alone.

We hope you do too. Become a child sponsor today!

SOS Mothers

An SOS mother raises a generation of children as her own and must be able to meet their physical and emotional needs from infancy right up to adulthood.

Our Goals

Family Strenghtening

Strengthen families to prevent child abandonment

Building Families for children in Care

Provide loving homes and families for children who lack parental care

Schools and Access to Education

Educate and empower children to reach their full potential


Advocate for children’s rights so their voices can be heard

Unique Ways to Give

Leave Your Legacy

If you are considering leaving a gift to SOS Children's Villages in your Will, you are including some of the worlds most needed children in your embrace

Donate Now

Make a one time donation and make a difference in a child's life today

Start an Event

Create your own fundraising event

Create an online event today and take steps to help children around the world. Choose the event you want to start. 

Sponsor an SOS Village

When you choose to sponsor a Village, you contribute towards the support of all the children living at this SOS Children's Village by helping to meet their collective needs.

Highlighted Programs and Projects

SOS Social Circus Program

SOS Children’s Villages and Cirque du Soleil have developed the SOS Social Circus program to help children and youth develop these important “soft” skills.

Keranyo Day Care Centre, Ethiopia

The SOS Keranyo Day Care Centre in Ethiopia provides vulnerable children with the healthy start they need and deserve.   

Services to Children in Need

SOS Children's Villages helps children in full time care and children at risk of needing full time care


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