SOS Emergency Responses

Haiti Earthquake - 2021

Haiti Earthquake

Haiti is in a state of emergency following a major 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, August 14, 2021. Children and families are in urgent need of aid, many of whom were already experiencing extreme poverty, hunger, and violence before the earthquake. Learn More...

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SOS Mayday Emergency Fund

SOS Mayday

The SOS Children's Villages mission during an emergency is to ensure that children are protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and are generally kept safe.

Our emergency response teams have so far helped children at risk in more than 120 emergency situations around the world. Learn More...

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Emergency Response: Colombia

SOS aid workers in Colombia

For the past four years, SOS Children’s Villages has been implementing an emergency response program in Colombia. Learn More...

Emergency Response: Ethiopia

Migrant boy drawing himself in Italy

SOS Children’s Villages is on the ground providing humanitarian assistance to more than 200,000 people in the Oromia and Somali regions. Learn More...

Conflict in Ukraine

Conflict in Ukraine

In the three years since the start of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, SOS Children’s Villages continues to play a lead role in helping vulnerable children and families Learn More...
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Tigray: Ethiopia

Conflict in Tigray

In late 2020, intense fighting broke out in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia, forcing over a million people to flee their homes. Learn More...