Standing on the side of children in the face of conflicts, natural disasters, climate change, and record-high inflation

For over 50 years, SOS Children’s Villages Canada has helped make families and communities safer for children while expanding access to quality education, primary health care, mental health and psychosocial support, and youth employment programming for the most vulnerable. In times of crisis, SOS Canada has responded with life-saving humanitarian assistance.


Despite the progress made in advancing children’s rights, extreme conflicts, natural disasters, climate change, and record-high inflation have created unprecedented needs among the world’s most vulnerable children and deeply eroded the capacity of families to adequately care for their children.


Over 200 million children and youth are out of school and at risk of never returning, facing increased levels of violence, living in countries affected by protracted conflict and experiencing overlapping crises. We have all been impacted by the skyrocketing cost of living this past year, a crisis that has placed the greatest burden on families living in poverty who were already struggling to keep food on the table, forcing them to look for alternative care and support for their children.

In response to these unprecedented needs, SOS Canada will take bold action to ensure more of the most vulnerable children can realize their rights to family, education, health, and protection. 


We will work with our partners to learn and implement best practices, continually adapt to change, and ensure the greatest possible impact on the lives of those in our programs.


We will meaningfully engage with vulnerable children and youth to ensure that our programs are guided by their needs and priorities and to amplify their voices through targeted advocacy in Canada.

Our Global Reach


Our impact nearly doubled in 2022, and together, we achieved change for 2.55 million people in over 130 countries and territories. Through our programs, we ensured that children in Canada and around the world were safe and healthy and that families could thrive.


On pages 4 and 5 of the Annual Report 2022 is a snapshot of some of our programs that Canadians have helped support. They are dark blue on the map: Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Namibia, Pakistan, Somalia, South Africa and Ukraine. The project in Namibia expanded into Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Somaliland; these countries are also dark blue on the map. 

World Map where 130+ countries are highlighted indicating where SOS Children's Villages has projects.