Child Safeguarding

Ensuring children and young people are safe and protected is our top priority


SOS Children’s Villages does not tolerate abuse or violence against children, young people and adults participating in our programs or against the people who work for our organization.


We are committed to:


  • Ensuring children are kept safe from deliberate and accidental harm and abuse, and that their rights are protected.
  • Ensuring that our staff and other representatives never exploit their position of trust and always act in the children's best interest.
  • Creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment for all children, young people, program participants and staff.


We work in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, which outline the fundamental rights of children, including the right to be protected. 

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Safeguarding Information Hub


More information can be accessed on our Safeguarding Information Hub.



Safeguarding policies


Our Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy focuses on four key action areas: awareness, prevention, reporting and responding. We emphasize awareness and prevention to safeguard children and improve the quality of care they receive. Reported child safeguarding concerns are taken seriously and addressed without delay. This means that:


  • We build the capacities of staff, children, young people, and families to recognize signs of abuse and how to prevent it.
  • We work to eliminate harmful cultural practices.
  • We carefully assess and implement concrete actions for any reported child safeguarding incident or concern.
  • We provide caregivers with tools for positive discipline.


The SOS Children's Villages Code of Conduct is binding for every employee and additionally defines appropriate and expected standards of behaviour towards children for all adults in our organization.


Reporting a child or youth safety concern


If you have a safeguarding concern related to SOS Children’s Villages, our staff or representatives, or are concerned about a child’s safety, please report it.


All complaints are taken seriously. We strive to create an environment in which victims feel free to come forward to raise concerns and allegations. We follow up and ensure that the rights of victims and those accused are respected.