Sponsor a Child in Africa


For just $36/month you can sponsor a child and help provide an orphaned or abandoned child with:

  • A safe and nurturing home
  • A loving SOS mother
  • Quality education
  • Healthcare
  • Nutritious food
  • Clothing and toys
  • All the things necessary for a bright future

(You will receive a Canadian charitable tax receipt)

Map of Africa

SOS Villages


SOS Children's Villages provides children in need with a caring, loving, and secure family environment where all their needs from food, health, shelter, and education are met. Learn more.


Family Strengthening


SOS Children's Villages provide services for families in need through community based projects. These programs help 700,000 people living in African countries and are carried out by people local to the region.  Some of these programs include SOS Schools, SOS Medical Centres and emergency relief programs as the need arises. Learn more.


How You Can Help


Sponsor a Child in Africa


Sponsoring a child in Africa provides an orphaned or abandoned children with a family and a future.  You can change a child's life today. Sponsor a child in Africa now!


Donate to Africa


When you donate to children and families in Africa through SOS Children's Villages, your funds will be used to help care for orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children and families in Africa. Donate to Africa now!