Sponsor a Village

Sponsor a VillageWhen you choose to sponsor a Village, you contribute towards the support of all the children living at this SOS Children's Village by helping to meet their collective needs and ensuring the ongoing operation of the Village. The money is used to help cover the running costs of the SOS Children's Village including the:

  • maintenance of the houses,
  • new acquisitions (e.g. furniture, household and other appliances, etc.) and
  • salaries of the staff.

We will use 80.5% of your contribution towards running the Village, 19.5% is used for communications and promotions to help other children and Villages.

On becoming a sponsor of an SOS Village you will receive:

  • a letter of welcome,
  • a detailed description of the country where your sponsored SOS Village is situated, as well as,
  • a description and a photograph of the SOS Village.

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Frequently asked questions about sponsoring a Village

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