Sponsorship Supporters Stories

Sponsors share their stories about sponsoring with us and you.

Music to My Eyes: This past November my brother Phil and I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit my sponsored child Pleang (her name means music in Thai). Edward's Story

The Road to Happiness (also known as: Kushi): This past February my fiancé Jeff Smith and I had the most wonderful opportunity to visit our sponsored child Kushi (her name means happiness in Hindi) on a trip to Delhi, India. Angela's story

A visit to Peru: My husband, Andrés, and I first heard about SOS Children's Villages in the early 90s. Since Andrés is Peruvian, we decided that an effective way of helping at least some Peruvian children would be to work through this organization, which had impressed us with its efficiency, long-term goals and cultural emphasis. Anna's story

Another Visit to My SOS Sponsored Children: Hola, padrino? (Hi, godfather) said Keyla, my now 19-year old Honduran sponsored child, as she embraced me on arrival at the Medical Ministry International Clinic (MMI) at La Esperanza, where I was working for two weeks as a volunteer. Paul's story