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Across the world, SOS Children’s Villages offers loving homes to about many orphaned and abandoned children. 


SOS Children's Villages also works with vulnerable families, who are at risk of abandoning their children.  Supporting the families so the children are kept with their biological family.


Volunteering with children who are vulnerable presents greater risk, these children are in need of stability so vulunteer opportunities with children are very limited, to specialty skill sets and locations.


A great deal of our work depends upon the support of volunteers to help raise funds for SOS and spread awareness about our cause.

Start an Event

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Raising funds for SOS at work, at school or within your community is a really great way to help us provide family-based homes for the world’s most vulnerable children. Fundraisers and charity events are moments where people can come together to make a difference, while also meeting new people and having fun. Here you can find information about getting involved in fundraising

Support a community based fundraising effort

Support a Fundraiser

SOS receives support from a variety of third-party fundraisers. Help these volunteers reach the goals of their events or get ideas for your own fundraiser!

Community Events

Community Events

From luncheons to concerts, there are many events held to support SOS Children’s Villages across Canada. You are invited to start your own charity fundraising event today! 

Hand together to take action

Take Action

Wouldn’t it be amazing if young people across Canada knew about the sustainable development and began to contribute to their achievement in whatever way they could? Join Take Action to make it happen!

Become an Ambassador

Become an SOS Ambassador

An SOS Ambassador is a person looking for a way to give back to their local or global community. Whether they focus on raising awareness or organizing fundraisers, Ambassadors help SOS grow while also enriching their own lives.

Volunteer or intern it makes a difference

Volunteer or Intern with Us

If you would like to engage with SOS in a professional capacity and enrich your CV with valuable experience, come volunteer or intern with us!

Raise Awareness

Spreading the word about the work that SOS engages in enables us to grow and help more children find a caring family for life.

University Challenge

University 30 Day Challenge

Join our team of committed students who are challenging their universities to make a difference!