Property and Security (stocks) Donations

Usually, the sale of securities results in the capital gain being taxed 50% but tax changes in recent years mean that when that same security is donated to a charity like SOS Children’s Villages Canada, there is no taxable capital gain. This is a great way to reduce your taxable income this year or to make a deferred gift in your will to offset estate taxes.

It is easy to make a donation of stocks and securities to SOS Children’s Villages Canada:

  1. Contact your broker and request the transfer of securities to SOS Children’s Villages Canada’s brokerage account with RBC Direct Investing, Account # 681-468-2719.
  2. Inform SOS Canada of your gift by completing and sending us the Giving Publicly Traded Securities to SOS Children’s Villages Canada form through
    by fax 613-232-6764 or,
    by email: [email protected] or, 
    by mail.

    For privacy reasons, your broker cannot divulge your (client) contact information with us and we may receive your gift into our account without knowing exactly who it is from. Sending in this form will allow us to issue an official receipt for income tax purposes.
  3. Your receipt will be based on the closing price of the shares the day they are received in SOS Children’s Villages Canada’s brokerage account.

For more information on donating a gift of stocks and securities, consult your financial expert or contact Dave Greiner, Senior Vice President, Operations, SOS Children’s Villages Canada at 1-800-767-5111 ext.514 or email: [email protected].

Property and stocks donation form