SOS Medical Centres

All over the world, people are suffering due to the lack of basic medical services. SOS Children’s Villages believes that access to quality healthcare is an important right that cannot be ignored.


SOS Medical Centres provide quality health care to the children in our care, our staff, our staff’s family as well as people in the surrounding community.


SOS believes that better access to health care means fewer children at risk of being orphaned or abandoned.


About SOS Medical Centres


SOS Medical Centres are run by either the local health authorities, or by SOS Children’s Villages in partnership with the state department of health, as well as the local communities.


SOS Medical Centres offer inpatient and outpatient treatment and employ highly qualified staff of state registered nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians and doctors.



Health Programs

SOS Children’s Villages is focusing on developing health prevention and treatment programs at locations where there is the greatest need and in areas where they can have the greatest impact. To that end, the services and treatment that SOS Medical Centres offer differ depending on the needs of the community.


In some countries, SOS Medical Centres operate mother-and-child clinics, which offer pre and post-natal care as well as child-birth facilities.



Raising Awareness


Originally SOS Medical Centres were built next to SOS Children’s Villages in order to ensure basic healthcare for all children growing up in SOS families, caregivers and staff. Now SOS Medical Centres are also actively serving communities through the Family Strengthening Programs to reach more people.


Family Strengthening Programs place a focus on health promotion and awareness. This gives children and families information on nutrition, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, prevention and general health care that empowers families to successfully care for their children and lead a healthy life.


SOS Children’s Villages has also joined in the global fight against HIV/AIDS through information campaigns about the risk of infections.


Emergency Health Centres


In times of crisis such as conflict, extreme drought or famine, emergency health care centres have been created through SOS Emergency Relief Programs. Emergency healthcare centres provide health care services for malaria, measles, and malnourishment.



SOS Global Reach


Thanks to SOS Medical Centres, medical services are now available to many people across the globe.


Through SOS’s 76 Medical Centres, over 800,000 medical treatments have been provided worldwide.