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The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘blessing’ as ‘a benefit for which one is grateful’. Most of us give and receive many blessings throughout our lives. But it seems to us, that the act of extending one’s love and generosity beyond our own mortal lifetimes to a motherless child halfway around the world is the most noble of blessings. This legacy gift is the purest generosity – the ultimate kindness.                       

Our official name is SOS Children's Villages Canada. We are a proud member of one of the world's largest and most respected charitable organizations dedicated to helping children for over 60 years, We have been a Canadian registered charity (#13824 7259 RR0001) since 1969. We have officially adopted the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy's Code of Ethics and strictly adhere to The Donor Bill of Rights. We value our friends and supporters. We are:

  • non-political,
  • non-denominational, and
  • focused on children in need.

“I often ask donors who have included a gift for SOS Children’s Villages Canada in their will, to tell me how these gifts have made them feel. At first they say ‘happy’ or ‘good’. But when I ask what that means, they give me deeper responses. Usually, they talk about a profound sense of peace and contentment. A feeling of fulfilled purpose. A strong sense of satisfaction in having done the right thing. As they describe these feelings to me, their faces and voices change a little. It’s as if their light glows brighter. There’s a purity to it all that I can’t fully describe.”

Boyd McBride

President & CEO

It's easy to include a gift in your will:
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For more information about making a gift in your will to SOS Children’s Villages, please contact Dave Greiner at 1-800-767-5111, Ext. 514 or

Please note: SOS Children's Villages Canada strongly encourages you to seek professional legal, estate planning and financial advice before deciding on a course of action.