SOS Mothers

In each of our Children’s Villages, groups of orphaned or abandoned children are cared for in family homes by women who have dedicated their lives to being SOS mothers. An SOS mother raises a generation of children as her own and must be able to meet their physical and emotional needs from infancy right up to adulthood.


SOS mothers are chosen carefully to ensure they are capable of raising an SOS family in the long term. They are recruited locally to make sure they can meet the specific needs of children living with us in that country.


Training for an SOS mother takes up to two years, and includes three months of theoretical training (on subjects including education, counselling and child psychology, housekeeping, nutrition and conflict resolution) conducted by social workers and child care professionals. This is followed by 21 months of practical training working in an SOS Children’s Village as an “SOS Aunt”. This lengthy training period prepares them for the reality of becoming an SOS mother.


Once qualified, SOS mothers receive free room and board, a household allowance and a salary.


Every day, SOS mothers ensure that the physical and emotional needs of her children are met and every child in her family is happy and feel that they belong.


This short film (3 minutes) tell the story of One SOS mother from Thailand, her work and devotion to children.