SOS in Your Neighborhood

February 13, 2023

About our program 


In 2024, SOS Children’s Villages Canada has started canvassing on the street where people gather and at potential at the door in neighborhoods across Canada.  We are following all local public health guidelines for this activity.


Face to Face canvasing  provides a means of helping to grow our community of monthly donors. In order to do this we are partnering with Canada's most well-respected face-to-face fundraising companies.  We are currently using    UP Fundraising   they have been rigorously vetted by SOS Children’s Villages in order to ensure that their recruitment practices are ethical, responsible and in line with Canada’s current federal regulations.


This campaign will grow the number of supporters of  SOS Children’s Villages and help educate the Canadian public on the incredible global impact of SOS Children’s Villages. 


Canvassing to support children in need
Canvassers on the street 2022

How do I identify a SOS Children’s Villages Canada Canvasser?

Each of our canvassers will have the following identifiable collateral; 

  • An identification badge which states the canvassers name as well as their identification number. This badge should be attached to an SOS branded lanyard. 
    • NOTE: If the fundraiser is in training, their badge may state “Trainee” in place of their name.
  • An SOS blue vest branded with the SOS Children’s Villages logo 
  • An SOS canvasser will NEVER ask for or accept cash donations 
  • An SOS canvasser will process information through a handheld device or iPad 
  • You will receive a welcome call 24-48 hours following your signup to verify your information and intent to donate monthly

To collect your payment information in a safe manner, GlobalFaces Direct uses a verification calls, where an agent working in the confirmation centre will confirm your personal information and collect your payment information.  This number may call you back as well, it is 1-888-336-2987



COVID-19 Safe Practices

  • Will keep a safe distance;
  • Will wear locally suggested personal protection equipment
  • Will use contactless verification as requested
  • Will have access to other sanitizing material and use regularly
  • All Canvassers will have regular health screening before working every day



Where are we? 

The following is a list of communities where we are currently canvassing. If you have seen an SOS canvasser recently in a city which is not listed below, please contact us immediately 1-800-767-5111 


Where People Gather:

British Columbia:

  • Abbotsford
  • Burnaby
  • Coquitlam
  • North Vancouver
  • Richmond
  • South Vancouver
  • Vancouver
  • West Vancouver




  • Brampton
  • Etobicoke
  • Mississauga
  • Toronto



Contact Information 

If you require more information regarding this program or any of our canvassers, please contact us 

Additionally, if you met one of our canvassers at the door and are interested in joining the program, you can signup for our monthly giving program