Dr. Oetker

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeping Families Together


Dr. Oetker is a family owned enterprise and a leading producer of consumer products throughout Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America as well as parts of Asia and Africa. Since 1960, Dr. Oetker has been providing Canadian families with tasty and easy to prepare meals and treats. From Casa di Mama and Ristorante pizzas to Mug Cake and Shirriff desserts, Dr. Oetker products are enjoyed by millions of Canadians every year.


Dr. Oetker has been a long time partner of SOS Children’s Villages, helping to support orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children in 135 countries. Dr. Oetker and its employees have supported the construction of Children’s Villages, the daily operations of SOS kindergartners, social centers, youth programs and emergency relief programs.


Through product placement and consumer campaigns, Dr. Oetker Canada is helping introduce the work of SOS Children’s Villages to more Canadians.



Dr. Oetker helps to keep families together through their support of the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia.


The Family Strengthening Program works directly with vulnerable families to prevent child abandonment and helps parents access the resources they need to provide the best possible care for their children.


Through the SOS Family Strengthening Program in Ondangwa, Namibia, families in dire need are given the skills and tools to build a brighter future. The program ensures that families can become self-reliant, their children are well cared for and they can stay together.