SOS Children's Village Tapiola

The first Finnish SOS Children's Village was built at Tapiola, a suburb of Espoo, in 1966. Tapiola, also called the Garden City, is located 12 kilometres from Helsinki and can be reached in about 15 minutes by car from the city centre. The SOS Children's Village is surrounded by a birch forest, and through the stems of trees you have a fine a view of the sea.

The nine family houses and the Community House, built in red-brick, fit harmoniously into the neighbourhood. Each house has a "pirtti", a typical Finnish living room containing a long table, which the family gathers around. At the moment 45 children and youngsters live in the village. There are several secondary schools and high schools as well as vocational schools and a university nearby the Children's Village. The youngsters are given individual support in making their decisions about their education and housing. The former SOS Girls' Home is now a training and conference centre with its own guest rooms.

There are several options for leisure activities for the children and youngsters. The Children's Village itself offers for example piano classes and various sports. There are also different sports associations and musical institutes as well as youth organizations nearby which offer everyone the possibility to find his/her own hobby.