The Dream Mountains Foundation Working With SOS Children's Villages

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Canadian businessman Shawn Dawson set out to climb the highest peak on each of the seven continents, he felt it would be more meaningful if his quest was part of a larger goal. Dawson and his team of climbers formed the Dream Mountains Foundation and have used their climb as an opportunity to raise money for charity.

The Dream Mountains Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages have a common goal to improve the lives and opportunities of people in need around the world. For this reason, SOS Children’s Villages is one of Dream Mountains' chosen charities.

The 2014 Dream Mountains Foundation team is preparing for their Kilimanjaro trek, and has raised over $13,000 for SOS Children’s Villages with more to come!

Who is Climbing for SOS in Kilimanjaro 2014?

The upcoming climb in Tanzania has pooled dozens of dedicated volunteers raising money for the seven charities. The Kilimanjaro 2014 climb has five women raising funds for SOS Children’s Villages: Lianne Laing, Carol Williams, Stefanie Moore, Marissa Zurba, and Terri Hoddinott.

These five women have all committed to training for the climb and raising funds for SOS. Turning their efforts towards SOS, they are all hoping to raise $5,000.

  • Lianne Laing, co-host of CTV Morning Live in Ottawa, hopes that the funds she raises will allow for more children to have the comforts of a safe home and a loving family. Support Lianne's fundraising drive.
  • Carol Williams hopes to do her part and contribute to making a big difference in the lives of children everywhere. Support Carol's fundraising drive.
  • Stefanie Moore jumped at the chance to climb Kilimanjaro, raising funds so that orphaned and abandoned children all over the world can have a family and a loving home through SOS. Support Stefanie's fundraising drive.
  • Marissa Zurba has a strong connection with SOS Children’s Villages, personally sponsoring a child in Ethiopia. She hopes to raise both funds and awareness about SOS Children’s Villages by partaking in this incredible challenge. Support Marissa's fundraising drive.
  • Terri Hoddinott is looking forward to the climb, and to being able to provide children with a future full of opportunity with the funds she collects. Support Terri's fundraising drive.

All of these incredible women are confident that they will be able to conquer the long trek to the peak of Kilimanjaro. SOS Children's Villages Canada wishes them good luck with their fundraising, and on the exhilarating climb to come!

For more information on the Dream Mountains Foundation, the Kilimanjaro 2014 climb, and their other programs, you can visit their Web site at