A tow truck operator with a big heart donates his tips to help children in need

Hello, my name is Stan Raydon and I collect for SOS Children’s Villages.

I am a tow truck operator for Becker Brothers Towing and I have been working there for about six years.

I really like my job because I get to help people in their time of need. For some time now I have been using my tips for things like going out to dinner or doing this, that, and the other thing.

Last year I was making so much in tips that my boss, Elaine challenged me to stop wasting the money I was making and to really do something with it.

Well I stopped and thought about it for a week or two. I could have saved it up and bought something nice for myself at the end of the year. Or maybe gone somewhere, but that was not me.

So I looked at collecting and donating the tips that I earned to charity. But which charity to donate to and raise funds for.

Well, a lot of the charities that I have seen required that the person needing help convert to their belief’s before they received help.

Then others that didn’t ask for this but only worked in one or two countries or were limited to one area of the world. I even found charities that would only help someone if they where a girl and not a boy, and so on. Well none of this would do.

Then I found SOS Children’s Villages. It was a perfect fit for me on many levels! First they are not a belief based organization. So any child can get help. Second, they are not limited to one country or area of the world. Third, they have been around for over sixty years so they have a proven and stable track record.

This wasn’t just a perfect fit for me but for my job and clients as well. No matter who comes into my truck and whatever they may or may not believe in, they can get behind supporting SOS Children. As well, supporting SOS Children’s Village’s looks really good for my company. The optics are beautiful!

To anyone out there that is looking for a charity to donate to, I would recommend SOS Children’s. I mean it doesn’t get much better. At the end of the day you are doing a good thing for those in need, and putting a positive spin on your company at the same time!!! I mean it is a win, win situation for all involved.

Stan Raydon