SOS Children's Village Bissau

The SOS Children's Village is situated halfway between the centre of Bissau and the airport (approximately 2 km in each direction) in the residential quarter of Missira.

It consists of twelve family houses, a village director's house, a guest house, a multi-purpose hall, and administrative and service building with a small clinic, and sports grounds.

Although they do not lie in the immediate surrounding of the SOS Children's Village, markets, a shopping centre and a hospital can be easily reached from there. The attached SOS Kindergarten consists of three group rooms, a Montessori classroom, a kitchen and a small office.

The kindergarten is currently attended by 120 children from the SOS Children's Village and the local neighbourhood. From about 15 years of age onwards, the SOS youth is housed in the SOS youth village, consisting of two youth houses, a youth leader's house, a communal kitchen, and a common room.

As the youth is only supervised by one educator, the life in the SOS youth village endows the youth with a very high degree of responsibility. It is therefore an important step towards an independent life, which is thoroughly monitored by SOS mothers, village directors, and psychologists, and to which approximately four years are assigned - extendable for prolonged periods of education or job search.

The SOS Hermann Gmeiner primary and secondary school is currently attended by 420 Children's Village and local pupils. It consists of twelve classrooms, and administrative and service building, a library, and a school director's house.

The SOS Social Centre Bissau focuses on family strengthening, health counselling, training workshops, counselling and psychological support. It consists of two rooms for the social workers, a multi-purpose room, a library, a first aid station, three course rooms for further education, and administrative and service block, and a sports ground. Up to 8850 people yearly make advantage of the SOS Social Centre.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School (technical secondary school) consists of twelve classrooms, labs, administration and multi-purpose hall and provides 540 pupils with an education.