How We Are Helping in Haiti (Videos)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

3 short videos that help explain SOS Children's Villages work in Haiti since the Earthquake in 2010. Highlighting the new SOS Village in Les Cayes and the importance of education.

Les Cayes - New Home, New Life

After the major earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, SOS Children’s Villages was able to reunite most of the 700 or so children displaced by the earthquake with their families of origin. But several children could not be reunited with their families. These children became part of SOS families, raised by SOS Aunts. After several years of living in transitional housing, these SOS families are finally moving into their own homes in the new SOS Children’s Village in Les Cayes, in southern Haiti … together, they are beginning a new life. Full story here

Haiti: The Need For Education

In a country where nearly half the population is under the age of 18, education represents a major challenge for Haiti, but also one of the main solutions as well.

Haiti: Improving the Quality of Education

According to the United Nations, only 12% of Haiti’s already meagre public budget goes to national education and vocational training, which directly affects the quality of teachers. Apart from low salaries, many teachers also lack adequate training. SOS Children’s Villages Haiti is focused on building teachers’ capacities through teacher training and providing adequate infrastructure, such as school libraries, computer rooms and counselling for children.