Italy: Christian Vieri

Christian Vieri, star striker of Italian club AC Milan, was among the first football stars to join the illustrious list of "FIFA for SOS Children's Villages" Ambassadors, when he signed on to the good cause in November 1999.


Christian Vieri received his FIFA/SOS ambassador certificate on 4 November 1999 in a ceremony in Milan, which was attended by more than sixty national and international journalists.

Over the years, Vieri has been very active in his role as FIFA/SOS ambassador. In November 2004, the Italian football star nicknamed "Bobo" visited an exhibition and market organized in Milan by SOS Children's Villages to commemorate Universal Children's Day. Vieri delighted all of the children at this event by signing autographs and visiting all of the market stands.

"Wherever it is a question of holding out a helping hand to children and young people in need, I am always happy to play a part," said Vieri.