Mali Inaugurates SOS Children's Villages Kouloun

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SOS Children’s Villages Mali inaugurated its fourth village on February 2nd in Kouloun. Attending the ceremony where Daniel Barroy, a board member of SOS Children’s Villages France, Gilles Paillard, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages France and Richard Pichler, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages International, as well as Mali’s Minister of Woman, Family and Child Promotion, Mrs. Sangaré Oumou Bâ.

Professor Mamadou Marouf Keita, president of SOS Children’s Villages Mali, emphasized that “effort leads to success. Since we cannot change the children’s past, we have to be able to change their destiny by helping them develop their capacity for resilience.” Professor Keita thanked the Malian authorities and SOS Children’s Villages International, expressing his gratitude for the partnership between SOS Children’s Villages Mali and SOS Children’s Villages France.

"Mali’s fourth village exemplifies a new approach, particularly in the way the project started", said CEO Richard Pichler. "SOS Children’s Villages Mali began with a Family Strengthening Program in the community, which after running for more than a year allowed the association to define what other intervention could be needed. Then a location development workshop took place with various stakeholders, bringing together all thoughts on creating a new village around one program."

“The village is well-integrated into the community because, even before any construction started, we had been working in the community and the people got used to what SOS Children’s Villages is doing,” explained Mr. Pichler. “The mayor and municipal council members are now all standing up for SOS Children’s Villages… The minster we met is very enthusiastic about the value added by SOS Children Villages to the country.”

Fast Facts: SOS Children’s Villages Kouloun

• 15 family houses, in which 150 children can find a loving home; 41 children currently live there

• SOS Kindergarten with 6 classrooms in which 180 pupils can study.

• SOS Family Strengthening Program is already helping more than 460 children in 94 families.

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