A Mother Like No Other - SOS Mother Lama

SOS mother Lama with her children in Syria

“It is the best accomplishment ever when you become the light in a little child’s life,” Lama, SOS mother, SOS Children’s Village Saboura in Syria.

“For me, the joys of being an SOS mother are the happy moments I spend during the day with SOS children and the good effect I bring to their life. 

I cannot describe my feelings when I see a traumatised child getting better and laughing with other children in the village.

Because I’m an emotional woman, it’s very painful for me to know the stories of the children who join the village. For the treatment process, it’s very important to have information about their backgrounds. Most of the time it makes me very sad and angry to know that such innocent children have suffered so much.”

Lama became an SOS mother in Saboura in 2017. She is currently raising eight children.

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