From childcare to self-care in the Dominican Republic

Friday, April 19, 2024


From childcare to self-care in the Dominican Republic


Diana and her four siblings lost the care of their family in 2021 and have since been cared for at SOS Children’s Villages in Los Mina.


At 17 years old, Diana was used to being a maternal figure to her younger brothers and sisters. Years of having the responsibility of caring for her siblings at such a young age was stressful. Diana suffered from anxiety and struggled to develop trusting relationships with other teenagers and adults.


With the support of SOS Children’s Villages, Diana’s life took a transformative turn. She received counselling and participated in workshops that strengthened her social skills and emotional wellbeing and instilled in her a newfound sense of security.  As she witnessed her siblings thriving in their new environment, Diana began to trust and focus on her needs, a significant step toward her personal growth.


Diana’s academic ambition and determination were commendable. Supported by SOS Children’s Villages, she completed her secondary education and enrolled in a bachelor’s program in administration and tax management. Her hard work and motivation paid off when she earned an internship at a local cooperative, providing her with invaluable industry exposure. Her success was further amplified when she was offered a paid position at the end of her internship, a testament to her dedication and the bright future that awaits her.


In 2024, Diana will leave SOS Children’s Villages in Los Mina but will continue to receive support through SOS youth programs. She plans on sharing an apartment with her younger brother and will receive counselling and guidance from SOS Children’s Villages as she learns to live independently and manage her finances. She has a promising future ahead of her and is ready to jump into adulthood.

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