Developing the necessary skills to thrive independently in Nepal

Monday, December 11, 2023

“I joined SOS Children's Village in Bharatpur at the age of seven, along with my two biological siblings, after my mother's death. Now, I own Belna, a fast-food restaurant in Bharatpur.  


My SOS family equipped me with all the necessary skills to thrive in the real world. I grew up in a warm and secure environment with loving brothers and sisters. I learned to care for the younger ones, respect seniors and work in a team, which have greatly assisted me in surviving in a competitive market.  


After obtaining a bachelor's degree, I was looking for an opportunity to do something independently. Based on the market demand, I invested in establishing a restaurant business with the support of my SOS family. Belna quickly became a famous brand in its vicinity, and I diligently work every day to take the business to a greater height.” 


Ranjata, care leaver, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal 



Video transcript (translation) 



I came to Chitwan at age four and stayed with my maternal uncle. Later, when I was 7, my uncle brought me to SOS Children's Villages in Bharatpur, along with my two sisters.  


Bhola Nath Paudel, Deputy National Director, SOS Children's Villages Nepal: 

Since the day she came, she has been interested in her studies and participated eagerly in school activities. I never heard of any complaints about her from school. She passed the Bachelor of Business Administration with distinction. For someone so academically sound, we hope for them to be employed at a great workplace. I thought she would join a bank. But suddenly, she shared that she wanted to run a restaurant. She launched Belna, and it's become a great success.  



After studying management in high school, I was intrigued by business. I had a notion of doing something of my own. So, when I completed my undergraduate degree, I started researching to pursue my venture.  


Rajendra Lamsal, Youth Incharge, SOS Children's Village in Bharatpur: 

She needed some confidence after building her mindset for entrepreneurship. She did her market research, brought her findings and proposal to me and sought help for funding. Our children have some money gifts from their sponsors on birthdays or special occasions. She and her sisters had little sums in their accounts. Ranjata also applied to the Sabina Ruegg Fund. This is how she started her business.  



I started the first outlet two years ago. After it started doing well, I thought of expanding. Aiming to provide a new experience to the customers, I established the second location eight months ago. I aimed to make Belna the number one fast-food chain in Bharatpur. I opened the third outlet three months ago.  


Bhola Nath Paudel, Deputy National Director, SOS Children's Villages Nepal: 

We want every child at SOS Children's Villages to prosper and become a reputed citizen. Children like Ranjata fulfil this dream. Seeing their progress, we have achieved our primary goal, and I hope this continues to happen.  



SOS Children's Villages has played a huge role in my success. The family has always been so supportive and encouraging to me. They gave me the confidence to deal with challenges. Growing up in this friendly space makes it easier to adjust to society, socialize and adapt to the market. I am very thankful to SOS Children’s Villages.  

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