Romania: Gica Popescu

Gheorghe "Gica" Popescu, who became "FIFA for SOS Children's Villages" ambassador in August 2005, has been helping SOS Children's Villages Romania in various roles ever since. Popescu, who played for a number of European clubs during his career, is a very well-respected sports personality and businessman in his home country.

He invested more than € 2.5 million to build a football academy in Romania. Popescu opened the Campimiciada Games in SOS Children's Village Bucharest, and invited the SOS Children's Village Bucharest's entire football team to his academy for a match against a representative team from the school.

The boys were treated to lunch with Popescu, who advised them to stay in school and study to reach their highest potential, using the analogy, "Education is very important for all of you. Study hard and remember that football is played using 70% of your head, but only 30 % of your legs!"

On 29 November 2005, Gica participated at an auction organised by SOS Children's Villages Romania in Bucharest. He bid €6,800 on items made by SOS children. Naturally, he was the highest bidder and won! The event raised more than € 9,000 for SOS Children's Villages Romania.