Sarah’s Story

“I’m so happy to be in my SOS home and family,” Sarah* says, reflecting on her years in Gaza.. “My burns are healing quickly and I’m starting to have beautiful memories that are making me forget all that I have been through in the past.”

Growing up, Sarah lived with her father and his wife (her step-mother) in a high-conflict war zone in Gaza. Sarah was constantly exposed to the sounds and scenes of war and was deprived of basic needs like healthcare, education, food and water.

Sarah lived in a physically and psychologically harmful environment until the age of 12, causing her to suffer from both PTSD and intense anxiety. She spent most of her days in the streets, until one day when she was beaten and burned severely, forcing her step-mother to find medical treatment. This is when SOS Children’s Villages heard about her need for medical attention and stepped in, providing immediate health care and psychological support.

Today, Sarah lives with her SOS mother, brothers, and sisters. After receiving special one-on-one education, she has been able to enroll in a school and now lives a life that she once could only dream of.

No child should grow up alone:


*Names changed to protect the privacy of the children.