SOS Children's Village Redondela

The SOS Children's Village Redondela is situated in the city of the same name in the northwest of Spain and was built in the early seventies. It is located in the district of San Martín de Ventosela about 15 km from the city of Vigo and offers one of the most beautiful views of the so called "Ría de Vigo", a broad estuary next to the city. 

The SOS Children's Village Redondela comprises 12 family houses, a Village Director's house as well as the community centre including offices and apartments of the SOS aunties. Furthermore, the SOS Children's Village disposes of a counselling centre with an SOS Day Care Centre. The SOS children attend local public schools and can get additional classes in the SOS Children's Village. 

In Vigo, there are two SOS Youth Houses that have been constructed for adolescents from the SOS Children's Village in order to prepare them step by step to an independent life during their vocational or higher educational training.