SOS Children's Village San Feliú de Codines

The first Spanish SOS Children's Village was built in San Feliú de Codines in the autonomous province of Catalonia, about 35 km from Barcelona. The SOS Children's Village is located in a valley, approximately 1 ½ km from San Feliú de Codines. Due to its climate, San Feliú is a very popular holiday resort for people coming from Barcelona which, with almost 1,7 million inhabitants, is Spain's second largest city.

The SOS Children's Village San Feliú de Codines consists of altogether nine family houses, a community center, the house of the Village Director and other additional buildings. Five SOS families live in rented flats or houses in the vicinity of the SOS Children's Village. The children attend local schools. In 1996, an SOS Youth House for youngsters between the ages of 15 and 18 was opened in Barcelona where they stay during their higher educational or vocational training and are supervised by educators. In this way they learn step by step to live an independent live outside SOS.