SOS Children's Village Samarkand

The historic town of Samarkand is a crossroad and melting pot of the world's cultures. Lying in the river valley of the Zerafshan and flanked by Pamir-Altai mountain spurs, Samarkand was founded in the seventh century B.C. As one of the main trading spots along the "Silk Road", a trade route between Asia and Europe, Samarkand prospered and at times in its history, became the greatest city in Central Asia. In 2001, the UNESCO added Samarkand to the World Heritage List. A couple of years ago, the mayor of Samarkand expressed his interest in building an SOS Children's Village in his city and offered different sites to choose from. The selected plot of land is perfectly integrated into the public supply system and schools, kindergartens, a hospital and shops are easily accessible. The immediate neighbourhood of the SOS Children's Village consists of a residential area.

The SOS Children's Village Samarkand comprises fourteen family houses, a multipurpose hall, an administration and service area, a workshop and houses for the village director and the SOS aunts (who support the SOS mothers and take care of the children when the mothers are on leave). Up to 91 children can find a new home in the fourteen family houses of SOS Children's Village Samarkand, where their SOS mothers take lovingly care of them. The five SOS families which had temporarily been accommodated in rented apartments during the construction phase were the first to move in into the new family houses.