SOS Children's Village N'Djamena

SOS Children's Village N'Djamena is situated out of the town of the same name, the capital of Tchad, which has more than 530,000 inhabitants.

The SOS Children's Village has twelve family houses, the director's house, a building for the SOS aunts (who provide valuable support for current SOS mothers as well as being SOS mothers in training), a house where the organization's employees can be accommodated during their various training courses, an administration area, a workshop and a multi-purpose hall (for the village's various activities). It opened in March 2005 and can house up to 120 children.

An SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School and an SOS Kindergarten were built on the grounds of the SOS Children's Village which are attended by children from the village as well as from neighbouring areas. The primary school and the kindergarten were opened at the same time as the village in March 2005.

The primary school has a capacity for 210 children. It has six classrooms, an administrative unit, a workshop, a kitchen with a canteen and a teachers' staff room. The kindergarten has two large classrooms, a kitchen, and an office for the director and a room for the caregivers and teachers; it can offer places to some 50 children.

The grounds of the village also have an SOS Medical Centre, with a view to offering regular medical check-ups or promoting various preventative policies on a local level. It has a room for doctors, a room for nurses, an examination room, an inpatient room, a dispensary, an analysis laboratory and a secretariat. It can treat up to 5,500 patients a year.