Children Pay the Price of a Parent’s Crime

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There are a variety of factors that result in child abandonment.  More often than not, poverty is the common denominator. Disease, malnutrition, violence, unemployment, and incarceration are all arguably effects of poverty, all of which can leave children without parental care. The latter was the case for siblings Trinh and Thao.

Sponsored child in VietnamWhen their father was sent to prison, their mother felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising the children alone, and fled, leaving Trinh and Thao in their care of their grandmother.  The grandmother had little means to provide for the children.  She made a living for herself by collecting bottles, as well as occasional shifts she was able to secure as a cleaner in a factory.  The income she earned was barely enough to feed herself, and she brought Trinh and Thao to SOS Children's Villages in Da Nang, Vietnam, in hopes that they would have the opportunity to get education and a safe place to grow up.

Trinh and Thao are two happy children.  They have maintained a strong relationship with their biological grandmother, and are very fond of their SOS mother. Although the children are enjoying their second chance at childhood, they have experienced more hardships in their short lives than many encounters in a lifetime, and it is clear that their past has influenced their plans for the future; Thao dreams of becoming a policeman and Trinh want to become a nurse.

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