SOS Children's Village Tres Ríos

SOS Children's Village Tres Ríos is situated on the outskirts of the little town of Dulce Nombre de Tres Ríos, which is about 11 km from the capital of San José. It has been set up on an area of about 14.000 sq.m. Due to its hillside location, the buildings have been set up on terraces and offer a nice view over San José and the mountains of La Capintera. Orange trees have been planted on the entire property and each family house has a small vegetable garden.

SOS Children's Village Tres Ríos consists of 11 family houses, the village director's house, staff accommodation and an administration and service area.

An SOS Youth Facility was established in 1980. At this facility, youths prepare for independent living while they are finishing their education or training. A small SOS Vocational Training Centre offers training for SOS mothers and co-workers.

SOS Social Centre Casa Hogar Luz (="Home of Light") is also situated in Tres Ríos. It is a home for seriously mentally and physically challenged children, who probably will never be able to take care of themselves. The centre is the only institution in the country where such children are looked after by specially trained people. Children who could not be taken care of in other institutions grow up with loving care in an environment which is similar to a family. Casa Hogar Luz offers different types of therapy to support the children's neuro-muscular development. Efforts are also being made to develop the mental and physical abilities of each child individually, in order to enable them to gain a maximum amount of independence.