SOS Children's Village Bahir Dar

The SOS Children's Village Bahir Dar was built in the town of Bahir Dar, situated approximately 565 km from Addis Ababa.

The closest major town is Gondor, about 185 km away. Bahir Dar is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing towns of Ethiopia and lies along Ethiopia's largest lake, Lake Tana which is also one of the two major Nile sources.

The SOS Children's Village Bahir Dar comprises 12 family houses, a village director's house, an administrative building, an SOS aunts' house (SOS Children's Village mothers in training, who assist present SOS mothers in everyday jobs, and substitute them in case of illness or holidays), a guest house, a bakery, a multi purpose hall, and a small shop.

Approximately 100 children from the SOS Children's Village and its vicinity are taken care of at the adjacent SOS Kindergarten, consisting of four classes, a kitchen, adjoining rooms and a playground. The SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary and Secondary School was opened in autumn 2003. Over 420 pupils are taught in 12 different classes, in a school equipped with a workshop, a library, a sports ground, and administrative units.

Despite the scarcity of capital available to the SOS Children's Village in Bahir Dar, it is always engaged in spreading its positive influence beyond its doors into the neighbourhood. Those children from the neighbourhood which are most in need are selected by a committee, entitling them to material aid such as shoes, clothing, and stationery items for school. Public schools unable to operate due to a lack of equipment are directly assisted with items such as blackboards.