SOS Children's Village Niederrhein

The SOS Children's Village Niederrhein consists of twelve family houses. Ten SOS families live in the family houses, the remaining two houses are used as educational communities for short, medium or long term care, where children and youth live under the guidance of their educators. The duration of their stay in these communities depend on the situation of their natural families. The program aims at spanning family predicaments and at helping children and youth in those difficult times. The SOS Children's Village Niederrhein also offers a semi-independent housing program to young adults, who are able to live independently, but still need a certain amount of support. The youth are, however, required to possess a high measure of independence is to be allowed into the semi-independent housing program. 

In 1997, a so called "children's house" was erected on the site of the SOS Children's Village Niederrhein, offering day care for up to five children between three and twelve years. The "children's house" aims at relieving single parents in the neighbourhood. In addition to the variety of offered programs, a the XOX workshop for youth was established, teaching the youth basic knowledge of wood and metal processing.