SOS Children's Village Schleswig-Holstein


SOS relies on the kindness and generosity of Canadians to be able to provide a home for the most vulnerable children around the world.


SOS Children's Villages in Schleswig-Holstein


The SOS Children's Village Schleswig-Holstein comprises eleven family houses and was opened in 1970. It is located in the city of Lütjenburg, close to the Baltic Sea. Today the SOS Children's Village Schleswig-Holstein and the ancillary educational community accommodate about 70 children. 


The SOS Children's Village Schleswig-Holstein offers a variety of ancillary facilities and services. About 30 children attend the day care centre. An educational community offers room to eight to ten children and youth in need of temporary external accommodation due to grave conflicts within their natural families. The community was designed for medium term care and its goal is the re-integration of the children into their natural families. Moreover, girls and boys from sixteen to twenty-two years have the possibility to join one of the two semi-independent housing programs, where they can live nearly independent, but under the guidance of their educators. The youth receive support and advice in school and vocational affairs and are prepared to cope with the challenges of every day life. A training centre for home economics with twelve training posts and a hostel for the apprentices are also available. The SOS Children's Village Schleswig-Holstein also maintains an educational service for SOS children and for the children from the vicinity.


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