SOS Children's Village Antsirabe

The economically prospering city of Antsirabe, south of Antananarivo, was chosen as the site of the country's third SOS Children's Village for various reasons: on one hand, many people who had moved to the city from the countryside in order to find work were living in terrible conditions mainly on the outskirts of the city. On the other, the city's economic development would make it easier for SOS youths to find jobs there than in other towns.

When the municipal authorities agreed to provide a plot of land to SOS Children's Villages, the construction of an SOS Children's Village was decided upon. This decision has clearly been for the benefit of the region.

After an SOS Social Centre (day-care centre) had been opened at Antsirabe in 2002, the SOS Children's Village was opened in August 2003. It consists of twelve family houses, where up to 120 children can find a new home.

The houses have been built in the architectural style of the region. In addition, there is the village director's house, and administration and service area (community centre), co-worker accommodation, and a multi-purpose hall. In order to promote the integration of the SOS Children's Village into the local community and to increase its social benefit to the people living in the neighbourhood, an SOS Kindergarten and an SOS Medical Centre were added to the SOS Children's Village in early 2004.

At the kindergarten, up to 150 children can be looked after. At the SOS Medical Centre, around 5,000 people can be treated per year.