SOS Children's Village Beau Bassin

The government made a suitable plot of land available in Bambous, situated in the district Black River.

It was put into operation in November 2003, when the first children and their SOS mothers moved in and in 2005, an SOS Vocational Training Centre was added. In 2004, a family strengthening programme was established in Bambous.

The programme offers support to families who are at risk of abandoning their children and enables children to grow within a caring family environment. Together with local authorities and other service providers, SOS Children’s Villages supports families and helps them to take good care of their children.

Beau Bassin lies approximately twenty kilometres south of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. The SOS Children's Village Beau Bassin was established in Rose Hill, a suburb of Beau Bassin, on a gently sloping plot of land and its architecture is of typical Creole style.

The children attend the local schools, which facilitates their integration into the local community. Medical care is also available at a state health centre in Beau Bassin. The official opening ceremony took place on 6 November 1992 in the presence of H. E. Cassam Uteem, at that time president of Mauritius, and Helmut Kutin, president of SOS-Kinderdorf International.

The SOS Children's Village Beau Bassin consists of fifteen family houses with a capacity to take in up to 150 children. Further, an administrative building, a multi-purpose hall, a sports field and houses for the village director and the SOS aunts (who support the SOS mothers and take care of the children when the mothers are on leave) belong to the SOS Children's Village Beau Bassin.

An SOS Kindergarten for up to 150 children has also been operational since January 1992. It comprises six group rooms, a kitchen and a playground and is open to children both from the SOS Children's Village and from the neighbourhood.

Youths who have already outgrown the SOS Children's Village usually move on to the nearby SOS Youth Facility in Harewood Park. Up to 50 youngsters live there during the time of their vocational training or further education and prepare themselves for an independent life outside the SOS Children's Village.