Canadian bloggers Share Their Experience Visiting SOS Children’s Villages Programs

Transat visits Dominican Republic

In November, Air Transat sent four Canadian bloggers on a different kind of trip to the Dominican Republic – one that would change their views of travel, motherhood, and the world. The Dominican Republic is a much-loved destination for sun and sand. But these bloggers would also learn first-hand about the country’s humanitarian needs and how Air Transat is helping to meet these needs in partnership with SOS Children’s Villages.

Air Transat has been a partner and supporter of SOS Children’s Villages since 2009. Air Transat customers are asked to top off their vacations by contributing to the Small Change, Big Hearts program. With added donations from generous Air Transat employees and the company itself, the “small change” really adds up.

The Small Change, Big Hearts program helps children in the places where Air Transat operates and Canadians love to travel. With the program’s help, SOS Children’s Villages provides loving homes for children who have been orphaned or abandoned, and supports communities to reduce poverty and end violence against women and children.

To hear more of these Canadian bloggers’ reflections on visiting SOS Children’s Villages programs:

“The three days touring Santo Domingo and the villages felt like so many more as we got a crash course in exactly what SOS was and how Air Transat was supporting its mission,” Meghan Yuri Young