Math Geniuses

Thursday, June 22, 2017
Children celebrating in Lebanon

Mathematics are difficult for most children. However, doing sums is a real pleasure for Maysoun and Majd*.

Maysoun and Majd are 9 and 10 years old. They love art, especially drawing green fields, the ocean and fish, they say. The two children are brilliant students at school and their favourite subject is mathematics. “I enjoy learning mathematics, I have fun with the numbers,” said Majd.

In parallel to their school, Majd and Maysoun are at the Abacus Center for Mental Arithmetic System in Lebanon, a centre that helps them develop their skills through sessions that promote holistic brain development.

The two children were selected to participate in the National Genius competition for mental calculation in Lebanon. They worked very hard to prepare for the competition, and their efforts were rewarded when Majd and Maysoun respectively won the second and the third prize of the national competition.

The SOS village director, SOS mothers, aunts, and children were very happy and proud of them. They all celebrated their win when they came back home, welcoming the two little geniuses with flowers and shouts of joy.

“I am so happy that my brother and I made our mom proud of us,” said Maysoun.


*The names were changed to protect the children’s privacy.

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