SOS Children's Village Managua

The Nicaraguan capital of Managua faces quite a lot of social difficulties. It is still suffering from consequences of the 1980s civil war. Apart from that, the strong migration and high unemployment rate also have negative influences on family structures. That is why more and more children cannot be taken care of properly by their biological family.

SOS Children's Villages has been helping orphaned and abandoned children in SOS Children's Village Managua since 1995.

The SOS Children's Village is situated in the north-western part of Managua, about 4 km from the city centre, in a residential area with many trees and green spaces. It consists of 13 family houses, the village director's house, an aunts' (family helpers') house, a multi-purpose hall, a library, a room for medical treatment as well as an administration area.

The SOS Youth Facility consists of rented flats in the city of Managua, where young people live together under the care of youth supervisors. Within easy reach of the SOS Children's Village there is a paediatric clinic. The SOS Children's Village runs an SOS Hermann Gmeiner School including primary and secondary levels, where up to 1000 pupils can be taught. It enjoys a good reputation and is open to children from the local community. The SOS Social Centre, also situated on the site of the SOS Children's Village, offers a day-care centre and organizes childminding programmes. Together with the training workshops for income-generating activities and personal development (for parents and single mothers), the aim of this facility is to strengthen local families and to prevent child abandonment.