SOS Children's Village David

The SOS Children's Village is located in the north-west of the city of David, near a residential area along the road to the airport. David is the capital of the western province of Chiriquí; the border between Panama and Costa Rica can be reached within a two hours' drive. David is the biggest and most important agricultural and cattle breeding place in the country. Thanks to its many shops, banks, schools, hotels and government offices, the city ranks in a top position concerning its financial and cultural importance in the country. Nevertheless, a socio-economic study showed that there was a big need of family-based care because of a high number of orphaned or abandoned children.

SOS Children's Village David opened its gates in 1999. The official inauguration took place in the presence of Mr Helmut Kutin, president of SOS-Kinderdorf International, and the Panamian education minister Ms Leonor Calderón. The SOS Children's Village consists of 12 family houses, the village director's house, a house for SOS aunts (family helpers who support the SOS mother and take care of the children when the SOS mothers are on leave) house, a playground, a library, a community house with a multi-purpose hall and an administration area. The SOS Children's Village is not far away from the city centre. It benefits from a good infrastructure: the neighbourhood has a great number of primary schools, secondary schools and hospitals, as well as a church.

Since 2003, there has also been an SOS Youth Facility for boys in place where the young people can prepare for living independently.